Participants will gain in understanding of the basic tenets of the Buddha’s teaching i.e. wisdom, compassion and ethical integrity. We believe that the teachings found in early Buddhism are a revolutionary and rebellious path to inner freedom. We as a group will focus on engaged Buddhist practice as well as everyday mindfulness. With this in mind we have chosen the name Rebel Dharma.

Rebel Against Greed! Against Hatred! Against Delusion!

Join us in the Rebellion!

~ All are Welcome ~ Donation Accepted

Day/Time: Fridays nights 7:30pm ~ 9:00pm

Guided Meditation, Q & A, Dharma talk & Discussion

Rebel Dharma is for Radicals, Rebels and Revolutionaries. 

What we're about

La Maida Institute
11159 La Maida St.
North Hollywood, CA. 91601


7:30pm to 9:00pm